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Christian radio
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JELICA, Belgrade, capital of Serbia.
"I give you my cordial thanks for everything including your prayers. You helped me very much. Your three CDs that I received mean a lot to me. Once again - a big thank you."

VESNICA, Serbia.
"A big thank you for your Christmas gift. Little by little I am listening to your broadcastings from CD; they mean much to me, and they help me. Thank you for your contribution to my spiritual growth. I thank God for remembering me. I believe that these broadcastings, and this booklet, along with my Bible reading speak to me and bless me so much."

ZLATKO, Veles, Macedonia, who received our CDs recently.
"Your broadcastings are a true medicine against all difficulties and a stimulus for a willingness to live." He ends with hopes that someone might come to his area in Macedonia and plant a Church of Christ.

MARIJANA, a listener from Zagreb.
"Respected Renata and Vlado. I do not know why, but I feel I can share with you whatever troubles me, and then I feel much better. I would like to get to know you and have a little bit of talk over a cup of tea. Being close to people like you renews me and gives me strength. I have always desired to have a Bible, and if there would be ever any opportunity, I would ask you for one."  After receiving the Bible we sent, she wrote, "I was so happy when I got the Bible. I was not taken by surprise because I knew you would send it to me. A big thank you."   Therefore, our next step was to send her a letter inviting her to visit with us in our downtown facility.

DALIBOR, our faithful CD listener from Bjelovar, northern Croatia.
"Your Christmas CD I loaned to some of my friends, who started to listen to it, and they are feeling enthusiastic. I thank God for you and your work toward radio broadcasting, for every message, and for hearing your kind voices."

IVAN, a retired engineer from eastern Croatia.
"(Your gift) is really wonderful and unique, just like your broadcasting. I listen regularly, for Radio Djakovo airs daily your morning program. For me it is a wonderful start of a new day in which you never know what might happen. Your soothing voices act in a very positive way. In my opinion your texts are selected with wisdom and imagination, which gives opportunity to reflect about the matters of this world, and of another world  (heaven)."

RUZICA, a listener of the Christian Radio.
"The prayers for my nephew have been successful: the problems have been solved and he is experiencing goodness!"

ZUNA FAMILY, Eastern Croatia.
"Thank you for your gifts! I am a faithful listener of your broadcasts on our radio in Djakovo. Your messages chase away my depressing thoughts and give me new strength. Thank you so much and may you continue this, for there are many of us listening to you!

A LISTENER, Eastern Croatia.
"Although I only listened to your broadcast for two minutes, the brokenness of my life has been restored. My deepest gratitude that I can  really see 'the night shining like the day' more and more."